life LAtely

A long overdue blog post… imagine that. I had the opportunity to spend Easter in Los Angeles with my cousin Nicole. It was a highly anticipated weekend as we use to travel together when we were younger, and always made some of the best/funniest memories, and this weekend was nothing short. We were able to … More life LAtely

Love, Lucy.

Dear Lindsay, Can you believe it’s over? A semester in Madrid has come and gone. Let’s reminisce… Think about the days where you would go off the grid for hours, no wifi in sight. Remember, life doesn’t have to be lived through a screen. The only connections you need to the world are the sights … More Love, Lucy.

Morocco, Africa

Have you ever been so wrapped up in a moment? Maybe a time when life was so great you wouldn’t have it any other way? Like a time when a shooting star passes and you can’t even make a wish? This happened to me last weekend when I had the opportunity to spend five days … More Morocco, Africa

Free Fallin’

My heart was beating out of my chest. My face was filled with fear. I instantly regretted my decision and tried to think of how I could talk my way out of this. My legs were cramped as I sat in a little plane with 11 other people. Looking out the window made my heart … More Free Fallin’

Harder Kulm

Slowly but surely updating the blog. The title of this blog was inspired by the mountain that I climbed over the weekend; more to come on that. Also, usually I don’t blog for my weekend trips, but similarly to most things in life, Switzerland is an exception. My pal Yuliya (U-lee-a) came with me, so … More Harder Kulm


This may go without saying, but my blog hasn’t been my top priority since coming to Spain. I’m working on a couple posts to keep you updated, so stay tuned. Last summer, I had the opportunity to study abroad in Lille, France. You’re probably wondering why I am writing about my summer in France while … More VIVA ESPAÑA

We Live as One

Vivimos en unidad. Vivimos como uno. We live in unity. We live as one. Last weekend at mass, I was struggling to keep up with the readings and homily. As I sat there, I tried to pick out words or phrases that I understood and piece it together. One thing that struck me from the … More We Live as One